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Sewer Lateral Pressure Test

The Sewer System -
Basic Information & Pressure Tests

A Shared Responsibility

It takes both homeowners and sewer agencies doing their part to keep the sewer system from overflowing into the environment.

Sewer Pressure Test

A Sewer Pressure Test is required to ensure there are no leaks or cracks in the sewer lateral between your home and the property line clean out. A leaking sewer lateral can cause inflow and infiltration into the sewer system, which causes increased pumping costs. Groundwater in the system caused by leaking sewer laterals, mains and manholes can increase during a significant rain event.

plumbing and pipelines - Alpha Trenchless
plumbing and pipelines - Alpha Trenchless

When does a sewer pressure test need to be performed?

  1. New construction

  2. Addition or living quarters

  3. When local jurisdiction requires

  4. Repair/replacement of building sewer

  5. Prior to close of escrow

Normally your local Sanitary District inspector will determine if you are required to perform a pressure test.

Each Sanitary District has different rules on what kind of materials can be used or if preexisting materials can remain as long as they hold a pressure test.

At Alpha Trenchless we can help with the process to see if your system maybe able to pass a pressure test by performing a video inspection in the existing sewer line, we would be able to see if you system has a chance of passing a pressure test and also to see the kind of materials that were used for the sewer lateral.

There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration and Alpha Trenchless can help to facilitate the process so you don't have to worry or add more work to your already busy schedule.

If the line fails a pressure test, Alpha Trenchless will help you decide the best approach to have a successful pressure test, whether is a repair of the existing system or a complete replacement to be able to have a longer Certificate of Compliance.

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