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Sewer Lateral Video Inspections

When considering to have your sewer replaced or serviced, it is very important to do a sewer line video inspection. The best way to diagnose the problem is to inspect the inside of the pipe.

Pipe Video Inspection is a form used to visually inspect the interiors of pipe lines. A common sewer pipe video inspection is to determine the condition of sewer lines and household connection pipes.

With our modern video equipment the interior of the pipe can be inspected – this is a form of non destructive testing. A small diameter video inspection camera can be introduced through a clean out or a toilet, to allow us to determine the exact location of the problem, at the same time our equipment will have a transmitter built into the camera and a receiver above ground that will help us locate the exact location of the problem within inches and get it corrected.

When performing a video inspection, we can actually see the

existing conditions of the line and that allows us to see if the line needs a small repair or if the extent of the damage requires a complete replacement of the line, it also can tell us if the line may be able to pass a pressure test to comply with Sanitary District standards.

You will received a copy of the video and a FREE estimate for any service needed, if only an estimate is required, we might be able to perform a video inspection and provide an estimate FREE of charge with an accesible full size clean out.

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