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Trenchless Services

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“ No-dig approach” Advantages"


Avoid hi-costs associated with excavation:–

  1. Obstruction to traffic flows.

  2. Very long operation times & very expensive.

  3. Potential civil liability damages to public/private properties.


Go Trenchless to save cost & convenience:

  1. Minimal intrusion onto above ground activities.

  2. Faster repair time & cheaper.

  3. Environmental Friendly – Very low carbon footprint.


What can we do?

We Have The Best Equipement Around

For sewer lines, water lines, gas lines, storm drains, fire lines, conduit for electrical, communications, pipeline, our trenchless solutions can repair your pipe without major digging.

Quicker, cleaner and more affordable, makes trenchless pipe bursting or boring the smart choice for pipe repairs and replacements.

We have highly experienced crews for trenchless sewer, gas and water replacement/repair and the very latest equipment to insure a high quality installation of your new pipe.

We have completed hundreds of trenchless installations in the North Bay area and offered guaranteed workmanship.

Since the replacement line is laid in the track of the old line or a new bored path, the need for major digging up the yard or chiseling up concrete are eliminated. Without these tasks to perform, the technician can install the new line in a shorter time and more economically.

Trenchless replacement/repair might not be the answer for all homeowners. Only a professional can tell the homeowner if trenchless pipe bursting replacement is an option but an informed homeowner should definitely consider this method.

Call us today if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment for a FREE estimate at 415-377-6939

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