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Lateral Grant and Loan Programs

Some Sanitary Districts offer a Homeowner's Lateral Grant and Loan Program. These programs are designed to help property owners in these Sanitary Districts with the cost of fixing their leaky and damaged private sewer laterals. 

If you have a sewer backup into your house, it may be because tree roots or other obstructions are blocking the lateral pipeline that goes from your property to the street. Although homeowners are responsible for repairing their sewer lateral on their property, some Sanitary Districts have a financial assistance program that can reimburse or help with some of the costs to replace your sewer lateral.

For more information on these programs please refer to the the links below to see if your Sanitary District offers this program.

City of Novato Sanitary District #6


Ross Valley Sanitary District #1

Town of Corte Madera Sanitary District #2

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