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Water Pressure Booster System

When the water pressure coming into your home isn't enough, a pressure boosting system may be the solution. 


A pressure booster or pressure boosting pump can be used to increase the pressure of the water coming into the house. If you have really low water pressure coming from the city supply or have low pressure because you are on a well installing a pressure booster pump could be the solution you have been looking for.


There are many types of pressure booster pumps so you can call Zaragoza Plumbing to  find out which pump is right for you. We prefer the all in one pressure booster pumps. All in one means it has the pump, motor, check valve, pressure and flow sensor, and diaphragm tank complete in one unit.

These units are usually affordable.. What you will not normally get with these units is a way to control how much extra pressure it provides. This means it is important to find out how much pressure you have now and how high the booster pump will increase the pressure.


Normally, the pressure should not go over 75 psi because it is not good for the plumbing system. So, if the current psi is 40 and the aim is to get to 75 psi then you will want to get to a pressure booster pump that will provide no more than and extra 35 psi.


Need a better water pressure?

Want to enjoy a pleasant shower?

Don’t want to wait forever for your washing machine to complete its wash cycle?

Is your well system not keeping up with your household demand?

Is your watering system irrigating or just dribbling?


Please give us a call to talk about pressure water booster systems.

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