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Shower Valves

Do you have a leaky shower valve ?
Does your shower make noises ?
Is your shower valve broken ?
Is your shower valve dripping ?
Shower valve installation?
Shower valve replacement?
Shower cartridge?

If you're experiencing one or any of these problems, then you have to call Zaragoza Plumbing today to fix all your Shower Valves related Problems.

What are Shower Valves and its significance?

When taking a shower, the shower valve is the plumbing component that lets you turn the water on and off while being able to adjust water temperature to meet your needs. Depending on the way that your shower is set up, you may have a single valve which regulates both the water pressure and the temperature, or you may have more than one valve to allow you a bit more control over the temperature and pressure. If your shower has a single handle for turning the water on and off, as well as controlling the temperature then you are operating with a single valve. If you have two or more handles that allow you to adjust hot and cold water independently, you most likely have at least two shower valves.

If you have a Shower valve that needs to be repaired. The most obvious symptom and the one that most people complain about is-

Leaky Shower Valve :If you turn the handle to the completely closed position and you still have a constant drip or flow of water for a minute or more then you most likely have a leaky shower. If you have two shower handles then you may want to take some time to test the hot and cold water separately to see which handle is actually leaking. It could be both, but it's more than likely just one or the other. Most shower leaks are a result of the rubber washers in the valves simply hardening and wearing out to the point where they no longer make a completely tight seal when closed.

Noisy Shower Valve :Another problem that can occur with showers (and most plumbing) is banging or shaking noises coming from your pipes when you turn the water on. Your pipes whine, moan, whistle, thump, shake, flutter, bang or even pop when you turn on the water. These noises could be caused by a lot of different things, but I've experienced it more than once when my shower washers and valves needed replacing. What seems to happen is as the water is turned on it rushes past a worn or broken washer and creates a sort of rippling vibration through the pipes. It can be loud and if it's let go it can actually damage your pipes with the constant vibration.

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